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Transversal themes to build a coherent discourse on geographic specificities

Even though the main focus of the project are the geographic specificities, GEOSPECS does not aim to conduct seven analyses in parallel. On the contrary, one aim of the project is to identify commonalities between the different categories. This is why the transversal themes form another dimension of the project. The transversal themes make it possible to construct a coherent overall discourse on the notions of “territorial diversity” and “geographic specificity”.

Type of development approach Transversal Theme
Economic Economic Vulnerability and Regional Resilience
Accessibility and services of general interest
Role of Information and Communication Technologies
Social Regional identity and cultural heritage as factors of development
Residential attractiveness - Selective attractiveness
Environmental Biodiversity and Protected Areas as factors for development
Natural Resource Exploitation
Vulnerability and adaptation of human-environment systems to climate change

The analytical dimensions of the project:

GEOSPECS analytical dimensions

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