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Time Frame

September 2010: Inception Report

The Inception Report included a detailed overview on the research approach to be applied, the methodology and hypothesis for further investigation as well as a review of the main literature, data sources, etc. It can be accessed here.

March 2011: Interim Report

The Interim Report included preliminary results on the basis of available data, developed indicators, typologies, and European maps. The focus was on the methodology for delineating GEOSPECS categories. It can be accessed here.

March 2012: Draft Final Report

The Draft Final Report consisted of a Main Report and a Scientific Report.

The Main Report includes a synthesis of main findings, and options for policy development.

The Scientific Report sets out in detail the findings for each GEOSPECS category. This includes

Both reports can be accessed here.

July/August 2012: Final Report

Revision of the Draft Final Report on the basis of comments received.

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