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Work Packages

The project has three work packages (WP):

  1. Coordination,
  2. Research Activity and
  3. Dissemination.

The ambition of WP 2 is to disentangle the complex system of interactions between geographic specificities and different types of social, economic and institutional processes. For this purpose, the following seven groups of activities were foreseen (These activities do not follow each other chronologically):

  1. Delineation, construction of a coherent spatial framework, description and mapping of geographic specificities across Europe.
  2. Compilation of a database of social and economic structures and trends in areas with geographic specificities
  3. Thematic and transversal typology of areas with geographic specificities and proposals for a reference framework for benchmarking
  4. Qualitative analyses of development processes in areas with geographic specificities.
  5. Case studies and consultation processes.
  6. Analyses of transversal themes
  7. Formulation of policy options

Work Packages

The Work Packages of GEOSPECS

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