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Case studies

The aim of the case studies is to relate the findings of the quantitative, European-wide analysis of GEOSPECS categories to the regional level, i.e. to obtain a more in-depth understanding of challenges, opportunities and development processes in specific regions. These qualitative enquiries attempt to identify local methods of dealing with geographic specificities, i.e. overcoming challenges related to them and exploiting their potentials. GEOSPECS carried out 15 case studies. Since several of the case study areas feature more than one geographic specificity (i.e. overlaps of different categories), the case studies are particularly apt to demonstrate what the presence of geographic specificity means for the local population. 5 "additional cases" were added - these are not a full case study, but rather a targeted analysis of one particular topic.

The full case studies can be found in the Draft Final Scientific Report, downloadable on the ESPON website.

The case study areas are:

Besides, five so-called "additional cases" have been proposed in the EU-12 and candidate countries. These "additional cases" are not complete case studies of a GEOSPECS area. Instead, the partners focus on a specific theme within the chosen areas. These are:

Map of Case study areas

Case studies and "additional cases"

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